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North Haven Petrol Station


North Haven Petrol Station

Conveniently located on Ocean Drive we are open to cater to all your petrol needs.  Our pumps are open from 5.30am to 9pm, seven days a week.  So, if your car needs re-fueling we are the best petrol station in the Camden Haven region to full up.   Not only are we a petrol station but we also have a full-on mechanical shop on hand so if you are finding that you are having car troubles then we have the staff on board to help you figure out what is going on.  Our petrol station also has a convenience store ready for you to come in and get all your treats you need to make you feel your best on the road.  We have been fueling cars since 1965 so come in and experience for yourself what golden service looks like.

North Haven Petrol Station Pumps

Not only we are a local convenience shop and your local mechanic we are also a petrol station.  We provide you with only the best fuel options.  On our pumps, we have special unleaded 91 helps to improve fuel economy, emissions and corrosion protection.  We have extra 95 which is a premium grade petrol which will enable engine responsiveness and fuel economy.   On the pump, we also have premium 98 fuel so you can be sure your car will drive at its best. Premium 98 fuel is a premium grade petrol which is the best of the best which is what you can expect at Riverside Shell Petrol Station.   We even go one step further and pump our customer’s petrol for them.  This is often seen as an old-school way of operations but we like to think of it as just pure top customer service.  Come in and see us today in our North Haven Shop.

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